Employee Wellness Equity: A Breakthrough Solution Bridges the Gaps

Employee Wellness Equity: A Breakthrough Solution Bridges the Gaps

If you were to ask Google why employee wellness is important, you would be hit with over 69 million results as to why. Most experts believe that employee wellness programs are important, although they don’t always agree that they are as effective as they should be.

Employee wellness took a hit these past few years as we all tried our best to navigate and survive a pandemic. Since then, it has remained a prevalent issue because of its impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

The pandemic exacerbated and stressed so many ‘fault lines’ to the breaking point – physical safety, health, relationships, finances, mental health, work environments, etc. At this juncture, we can all agree that companies need to support their employees’ well-being if they want to survive and thrive, now and in the future.

Unequal Access to Employee Wellness

Unfortunately, most employee wellness programs are cost prohibitive, especially for smaller companies. Even large organizations can find it hard to afford (and justify) the high price tag of workplace wellness solutions.

We experienced this firsthand when we started selling our own employee wellness solution. We heard a lot of nos, not right nows, and maybes, not because companies didn’t see the potential in what we were offering, but because we had structured our wellness solution the same as everyone else.

This didn’t sit well with us. We had come to disrupt the industry and offer a solution unlike any other that could truly help people Be 360° Well®. But none of that mattered if companies couldn’t afford it! Our mission is all about health equity, but our solution wasn’t structured in an equitable way.

The Light Bulb Moment

As is always the case, necessity is the mother of invention. At the same time we were attempting to restructure our B360Well employee wellness solution to better fit the needs of our clients, we were experiencing a few technical difficulties with our corporate portal. Nothing major, but enough that we knew it could cause a disruption in service.

In a meeting to discuss how we would handle it, our CEO and Founder, Tammy Williams, suggested, “Why don’t we just tag employees with a company code so that we can identify them internally while we’re waiting for the kinks to be worked out? This way we can do the work for our clients until the portal is fully functional again.”

That was it. That was the light bulb moment that changed everything.

All of a sudden, we found ourselves asking each other, “Do we even need a portal? If we can provide an effective wellness solution without it, why use it at all?”

Removing the portal was the first step in removing all the barriers to our employee wellness program.

The Breakthrough Solution: B360Well

Turns out, that company code was the key to how we restructured our employee wellness solution into what it is today. It allowed us to ‘tag’ employees of a company so we can easily produce critical reporting and data for them about their employees’ engagement in the program, as well as other important metrics. What’s more, it took away the need for the company portal, thus significantly reducing the cost of the platform.

For small businesses with less than 100 employees, for instance, we can provide our B360Well employee wellness solution for just $99/month. For companies between 100 and 499 employees, it’s just $300/month. (Learn more about the pricing structure here.)

To put the cherry on top of our new pricing structure, we realized there was no need for long-term contracts for our employee wellness program either. Now we could offer B360Well on a subscription basis, with the option to choose month-to-month or annual.

Since all a company really needs to get started is a code, they can begin using the B360Well employee wellness program in as few as ten business days after purchase. Along with the code, companies receive access to a monthly success kit to help them engage their employees in the wellness program, as well as monthly reports to gauge its success, increase engagement, and offer a high-level view of the overall health of their company.

With B360Well, employees gain access to a whole-person focused, mobile-first wellness app (EnvisionWell) with AI learning to personalize their journey to 360° well-being. EnvisionWell provides your employees with Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy (KSAA®) to help them adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors. The best part is that employees won’t lose access to the platform if they are no longer with the company. All that needs to be done on our end is to simply detach the company code from their user persona. This is a big selling point for employees that helps them to feel that their employer really cares about their well-being.

B360Well One free month, plus no set-up feeGet Started Today!

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To learn more about B360Well, click here.

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