Masks and Humanity


Posted By: Ruqyah Sweidan

Masks and Humanity

Masks. A year ago, they were a gadget that did not garner so much attention. Surely, no one could have predicted that these pieces of cloth would become so significant to our health and way of life as more states across America are mandating wearing them to enter public establishments. Unfortunately, this has caused great tension and arguments both in government and among people in their everyday lives. People fight over the legitimacy of a government being able to order mask wearing.  The other side cries foul of how the lack thereof is the cause of the spikes in the virus, making it a hazard for the millions of Americans who work in the service, retail and medical industries.   Some would argue that there are positive aspects, such as the support of volunteers to make and donate masks of beautiful designs and environmentally friendly material that are made available to essential workers or people who do not have easy access to them. As a result, these sentimental mask themes show an affinity to the causes they care about. In addition, these masks show their recognition of a global pandemic and how much they care about the safety of others. Thus, masks have become universal symbol.  There is still another facet to this conversation.    There is an argument that says that masks should not be necessary if huge numbers of people continue to be infected anyway. People speak passionately in the news everyday about the incredible new surges that break records and wonder if some them wore masks and became infected despite following the rules. We just don’t know.    

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