Women's Friendships Are Awesome!


Posted By: Miquela Berge

Women's Friendships Are Awesome!

Friends. They bring us together. They allow us to cherish those who we care about most. At the end of the day, our friends we turn to can make a stressful and chaotic day more bearable and perhaps even joyful. Even more so, the friendships that women share with one another can be some of the strongest and most unbreakable bonds in the world. Female friendships are especially empowering and uplifting, and the bonds we share can exist for years. Don’t believe me? Well, my closest female friendship begins in a warm, dust-covered orchestra room in a suburban high school of Pennsylvania. Little did I know, though, that my best friend for years to come would be sitting in the chair next to me: my stand partner. At first, there wasn’t much to discuss. Do you like the music? It’s okay. So, how did your English test go? No idea. Things of that matter. But soon enough, we figured out one thing we could bond over: our mediocre violin-playing. It’s not much, I know, but it was something. Pretty soon, we found ourselves laughing each time we played the wrong note or one of us was somehow five measures behind the rest of the orchestra. After a while, we were more than just stand partners. Our friendship grew to sitting with each other in the cafeteria, to late night sleepovers watching movies until dawn, to getting ready with one another at prom, to finally bawling our eyes out when we both left for college. Looking back, I cherished the moments we spent together, even if it was just studying quietly at the library or stressing over the calculus test next period or laughing about what we saw on TV the day before. At age fourteen, I couldn’t have known that my stand partner would become one of my best friends, but I could not be more grateful to have someone like her by my side, even if she isn’t, well, physically by my side at the moment. Even separated hundreds of miles apart, though, the bond that has connected us throughout high school has never left. Whether it be weekly phone calls or short text messages, we still try all we can to communicate with each other and give each other life updates. We ourselves have grown but even through this growth, we are still able to accept and love one another.

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