Help Your Productivity with Indoor Plants


Posted By: Miquela Berge

Help Your Productivity with Indoor Plants

What if I told you that you could help the environment, improve your productivity and creativity, and make your living space livelier and more colorful? The answer is simple: indoor plants. Seems surprising, right? Indoor plants are more than just aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching additions to our homes. In fact, plants can be beneficial in variety of ways, and their versatility practically allows them to thrive and grow anywhere in the house or office, so long as they have enough sunlight and water. Indoor plants can bring the carefree, soothing, and calming nature of the outdoors right into your own personal space. By making the area around us greener, we improve our physical and mental health as well as our overall well-being.A recent study by the New University of Technology Sydney illustrated the positive impact of plants in the workplace, specifically that they promote welfare, lowered stress, and increased overall performance. The results of the study found that employees who were surrounded by plants in the office experienced a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety, a 58% reduction in depression, and a 38% reduction in fatigue. Simply being around plants ignited calmness and rejuvenation among workers. Likewise, it has also been proven that plants can boost creativity and increase productivity by 15%! So, whether it be exam season or trying to finish up a project for work, the calming aura and soothing atmosphere that plants provide can reduce stress and thus cause more people to focus on their task at hand.

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