Plants Are Good For All of Us


Posted By: Robert Quinn

Plants Are Good For All of Us

Allow me to describe for you a theoretical office nestled in a metropolitan building, one of many that dot a steel cityscape: the many rooms throughout the office are uniform with house cluttered desks and humming computers. People slope their necks down at their desk, heads strapped with wireless headphones. Flat screen TVs are fixed to the walls, and walls and carpet below are both a steel wool grey. The view from the windows in the breakroom shows pavement streets and walkways, glass storefronts, and similar metropolitan buildings as far as the eye can see. Maybe that description makes you uneasy, claustrophobic, or fatigued. You wouldn’t be the first to have this response. Instead, notice the effect when we add the following details: every window has a succulent plant nested on its windowsill, each corner of every office shelters slim and lush dracaenas and bamboo palms, and the common area has a swathe of green ficuses, paradise and ZZ plants, so that the whole room smells loamy and fresh.

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