Animal Shelters Saves Lives


Posted By: Miquela Berge

Animal Shelters Saves Lives

The Importance of Animal Shelters in Our Communities            When you think about giving back to the community, you may think about donating clothes, volunteering at a soup kitchen, participating in a fundraiser, or cleaning up polluted or littered areas. But have you ever thought about an animal shelter? Animal shelters have become an integral part of our community. Shelters are more than just places of sanctuary; they also work to keep stray animals healthy, happy, and secure while simultaneously fighting against cruelty and homelessness. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA), one of America’s most well-known animal shelter organizations, functions not just as an adoption center, but also seeks to prevent unjust and cruel treatment against animals through fundraising, initiatives, and petitions. They tackle an array of topics ranging from dogfighting, animal homelessness, animal hoarding to farm animal welfare, and horse slaughter. With their own forensics team, they even find ways to combat and build cases against local animal abusers. They also advocate against puppy mills, which are places where dogs are bred for the sole purpose of profit. Breeders at the mills do not see the health of the dogs and puppies as a priority, and as a result, dogs bred here usually suffer from sicknesses, abnormal and unhealthy conditions, trauma, and sometimes premature death. Finally, the ASPCA organizes their own rescue teams to search for lost animals. Last year, the organization reunited more than 4,700 pets with their past owners.

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