Keep Financially Sane Over The Holidays


Posted By: Carol M. Pate, Ed.D.

Keep Financially Sane Over The Holidays

The coronavirus has brought about many hardships, especially in the financial areas.  It’s especially troubling that while women control much of the day-to-day spending, new research says that women lack confidence in their ability to have control over their financial lives.  This is especially noteworthy in their lack of confidence in their ability to achieve financial goals.  Part of the issue is that many women were deprived of a good financial education earlier in life and therefore don’t have the basics of how to work with money, other than meeting household needs. Women want to meet the needs and wants of those they love, and for most women, 2020 has made it much more difficult, especially as the holidays are just around the corner. Carrie Casden writes in the Mindful Money Blog how to  discern between real needs and wants this year, and concentrate on the needs first.  She sees too many women overindulge during the holidays only to ride the waves of regret, fear and shame in the new year.  She offers several strategies that will help keep women on track with their finances by being mindful and thoughtful about EVERY holiday expense. 

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