Santa is Coming to Town


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Santa is Coming to Town

In past years, the holiday season is viewed by many as a joyful time to celebrate with family and friends, attend and/or host parties and spend hours shopping for the perfect gifts. In addition, however, this time of year has been a stressful trigger that elevated mental health problems, increased feelings of loneliness and isolation, or intensified grief for lost loved ones.

In this pandemic year, all of us have been affected in one way or another. Holidays aside, stress, anxiety and depression have skyrocketed as people try to navigate their way with so much uncertainty.  This year, Santa received his first vaccine so that he is safe to bring joy to millions of children, and those with child-like hearts  across the globe.  If you see him, he’ll be wearing a mask just to be sure you and he are safe.   


Santa is receiving tons of letters this year, yet they are different from years past. Millions of children have seen parents lose jobs, while others have watched loved ones get sick or even die. For many of these children, holiday worries this year have extended far beyond whether they have been naughty or nice. 


Keeping the spirit of Christmas and all the winter holidays alive is an important part of self-care, for you and your families.  Here are some thoughts and ideas for 2020...




This year, many children are NOT asking for toys.  Rather, they want Santa to cure COVID-19 and help their family members be well.  Read some heart-filled letters to Santa in 2020.  





Even though many have seen Santa only virtually this year, Christmas Eve will still happened and Santa is readying his reindeer. Help your children and those at heart track Santa Claus… the GPS system is perfect! 





Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many families have decided to celebrate individually, instead of in large groups. Some folks might even find themselves celebrating alone. If that's the case for you or your family, have no fear — there are so many fun quarantine Christmas ideas you can do while social distancing.  Here are some the Good Housekeeping  best ideas to keep the joy alive this year and through the holiday season. 



What would you like Santa to bring all of us if s/he could?   

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