Mindfulness in the Middle of Winter


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Mindfulness in the Middle of Winter

According to Wilipedia - "Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, a skill one develops through meditation or other training. Mindfulness derives from sati, a significant element of Buddhist traditions, and based on Zen, Vipassanā, and Tibetan meditation techniques". 


Keeping mindfulness can be much more difficult when we are in the middle of winter in 2020.  However, we can bring our minds out of every day worries and bring our focus on what matters with a few worthwhile shifts in our daytime hours. 


Meditation Music with Beautiful Scenery


You don't have to spend a dime listening to beautiful, meditative music that calms our senses and breathes new energy to enjoy the holiday moments.  Here are a few choices, some are as long as six hours!  Some a few minutes.  The images paired with music will certainly put u into a more calm and open mindset.  Let us know your favorite!  

Nature Abounds   

Music to Sleep By 

Love Nature as Played by the Piano  


Reading as a Meditative Activity 

We are not talking about reading on the Internet or social media posts.  As described by The Conscious Reader, reading can definitely be a meditative activity. In  their own words:   "when we read our brain is alive; you are producing your own images, sounds and feelings in your imagination. It is this that makes the action such a great candidate for meditation. It offers you opportunities for mindfulness on two levels; in the physical act of reading, and in the cognitive reactions to the physical act. You can be mindful of the feel of the book, the texture of the pages, the fonts used and the smell of the paper. You can also enact mindfulness upon the world you have created in your head; take time to appreciate the gifts of your imagination".  Books to read?  Fiction is one choice.  Another is  spiritual texts that support visualizations of positive mindsets. 


Exercise as Meditative Activity 


We could not leave out exercise as a form of meditative activity.  Most see the discipline of Yoga as one of it's best examples, and yes, it is.  Did you know that in an 8-week study, researchers determined that a simple practice like meditation could rebuild the grey matter of the brain in as little as eight weeks?  That feels worthwhile!  Here are over 30 ideas and suggestions on meditations with movement that you can do in your home.  


Finally, being more present in the moments of the day can help positive vibes make a difference in your body, mind and spirit.  Elyse Santilli writes in Huffington Post how you can practices mindfulnessd in the moment.  Here is one we think you'll like:

Connect with your senses.

Your senses -- touch, smell, taste, sound and sight -- are your gateway into the present moment.

But when you are lost in thought, you don't experience what your senses are picking up.

Pause to soak up the beautiful aroma of your coffee. The salty ocean air. The beauty and diversity of flowers in your neighbourhood. The mouth-watering waft of wood-fire pizza coming from your local Italian restaurant as you pass it.

Notice how your clothing feels against your body. The soft clean bed sheets on your skin in the morning. The comforting warmth of your lover's kiss. The grass under your feet. The sensation of water and suds on your hands as you do the washing up.

Put love and attention into the simple tasks of your day, and you will be amazed how much joy and peace they can bring you.


Share your favorite ways to be present in the moment!  


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