Engaging Social Determinants of Health for Your Employees


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Engaging Social Determinants of Health for Your Employees

Engaging Social Determinants of Health for Your Employees


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Social determinants of health (SDoH) are non-medical factors that account for up to 80% of health outcomes. Yet, they are largely ignored by most workplace wellness programs.

“Healthy employees, healthy company,” is a commonly used phrase, yet many organizations struggle with being able to truly engage their employees in their wellness. This leads to lower rates of overall satisfaction and engagement, as well as increased sick days and healthcare costs. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem in a way that has made it clear the importance of employee wellness.

So, the question remains, how can you engage your employees in their wellness?

A buzz word used more and more often when it comes to wellness – both in general population and workplace wellness – is personalized wellness. This is the new frontier and way of the future. Gone are the days of cookie cutter solutions. Experience has shown that they are largely ineffective.

But this brings up even more questions. What is personalized wellness? How can you personalize it in a way that makes it more effective than the cookie cutter solutions? Where should you start?

The answer? Social determinants of health (SDoH). SDoH have been a part of public health discourse for quite some time, but they are only just beginning to make their way into the workplace wellness arena.

Our free resource paper, Engaging Social Determinants of Health for Your Employees, offers a broad view of SDoH so you can more clearly understand their effect on employee well-being. After reading this resource paper, you will:

- Better understand the connection between social determinants of health and employee wellness.

- Learn about the four foundational elements of the Social Health Empowerment® framework.

- Gain insight into how you can better engage your employees in their wellness.

The four foundational elements of the Social Health Empowerment® framework – Knowledge, Support, Access and Autonomy (KSAA®) – are derived from the connection between SDoH and well-being. This framework is not only built upon that connection, it also empowers and supports healthier behaviors and choices that are essential to leading more joyful, productive lives.

Download this free resource paper today!

To learn more about the KSAA® Assessment – Envision2bWell’s proprietary assessment tool designed to help you understand the social determinants of health and wellness affecting your employees – click here!

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