EnvisionWell Podcast: Fundamental Habits of Financial Health & Well-Being


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EnvisionWell Podcast: Fundamental Habits of Financial Health & Well-Being

EnvisionWell Podcast: Fundamental Habits of Financial Health & Well-Being


Conversations That Matter for 360° Well-Being™


Episode 6: Fundamental Habits of Financial Health & Well-Being


Financial health is a vital component of our well-being and one of Envision2bWell's 10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being™. Listen in to learn some of the fundamental habits we all need to build to create financial well-being in our lives. Envision2bWell's COO & CFO Gillian Johnson speaks with financial expert Joslyn Ewart in this illuminating podcast. 

While most of us naturally shy away from discussions about finances with the misconception that they are boring and dry, this is not one you should miss! Joslyn and Gillian hit on many different topics related to financial wellness - from budgeting, to how to handle it in relationships, to best practices to prepare for your future - with humor and relatability! 

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About Joslyn Ewart

Joslyn loves it when a plan comes together. She likes to say that she has the dubious distinction of having lived through enough life transitions to have a pretty good idea of how to plan, how to effectively deploy financial resources—regardless of different client goals and circumstances—and, how to invest for long-term results one can count on. 

Her passion for planning continues unabated. For instance, Joslyn’s plan for her firm, Entrust Financial LLC, was to grow and become the independent firm it is today. Entrust’s independent status permits their team to always put client’s best interests firstas a fiduciary, and to aim for long-term investment results rather than push financial products.  

The Entrust team welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we might help you, and your family, have a better financial experience. 



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