Black Women and the Fibroid Conundrum


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Black Women and the Fibroid Conundrum

Black Women and the Fibroid Conundrum

A Four Part Series on Fibroids and the Health of Black Women


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The overarching goal of this latest resource paper from Envision2bWell is to provide knowledge and education around the issue of fibroids as they specifically, and disproportionately, pertain to Black women, as well as to encourage self-awareness, self-care, and self-advocacy. Written by Keisha M. Clarke, Esq., and co-authored by Dr. Carol Pate, FCPP, Black Women and the Fibroid Conundrum sheds light on this important issue from both a research-based perspective and that of the personal wisdom of one of its authors, Keisha, who is herself a Black woman who suffered with fibroids. 

There is, unfortunately, a lack of research about why fibroids so disproportionately affect Black women. Hopefully, as more people are educated about this topic, the push for this necessary research will grow stronger.  In the meantime, Black women can learn to become better advocates for themselves and for their bodies. This resource paper dives into that topic and offers great advice on how Black women can do just that. 

In this resource paper, you will also learn:

- The different types of fibroids and how they affect the body.

- The common symptoms of fibroids

- How fibroids affect fertility and pregnancy.

- The role of stress and other environmental factors on fibroids.

- What questions to ask your doctor if you are diagnosed with fibroids

- And so much more!

Fibroids are not only painful and uncomfortable, they can sometimes lead to uneccessary complications in pregnanc, and even hysterectomies. It is important all women become educated about this medical issue, and especially Black women who are more likely to experience fibroids. We encourage you to download this paper for yourself, for your loved ones, or for your employees. 

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