The Salty Six: Hidden Sources of Salt


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The Salty Six: Hidden Sources of Salt

The Salty Six: Hidden Sources of Salt


Salt, or sodium, can affect your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Many Americans already eat much more than the daily recommended amount of salt. Even if you skip the salt shaker, many foods already have high amounts of salt in them. In fact, more than 75 percent of the salt we consume is already in our foods. It’s not coming from the salt shaker! Be aware of these “salty 6” and start eating less of these foods:

1. Breads and rolls

When eaten several times a day, these foods add up to a lot of sodium. Most bread has 100 to 200 mg of sodium per slice. Check labels for lower-sodium varieties.

Pizza pie2. Pizza

The cheese, crust and tomato sauce used for pizza often contain a high amount of sodium. Add pepperoni and sausage and you’ve got a sodium explosion. Ask for less cheese and sauce, skip the meat toppings, and add more veggies. Pair it with steamed vegetables, a salad or fruit to help fill you up.

3. Sandwiches

Restaurant burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches may contain all of your salt allowance for the day. Make burgers at home without salt or ask for a lower-sodium option when eating out (e.g., roasted chicken sandwich). You can also share the sandwich with a friend and fill up on a fresh salad.

4. Lunch meat or cold cuts

Six thin slices of deli meat may contain half of your entire day’s worth of salt. Look for lower-sodium lunch meats or skip the deli meats altogether. Instead, try hummus, sautéed vegetables, tuna without salt or eggs as other tasty sandwich options.

bowl of soup5. Soup

Canned or pre-packaged soups may have almost an entire day’s worth of salt in one serving. Make homemade soup, if possible, or check labels to find lower-sodium versions. Remember, your taste buds will become more sensitive to less sodium over time.

6. Burritos and tacos

Toppings and fillings are often loaded with sodium. For a healthier version, choose burritos and tacos that are veggie-friendly and have less meat and cheese.

Replace these salty foods with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean fresh meat and dairy. And, when you season your foods, choose a salt-free herb blend that adds flavor without any sodium.

Source: American Institute for Preventive Medicine 




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