Whole-Person Health: 360° Well-Being®


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Whole-Person Health: 360° Well-Being®

Whole-Person Health: 360° Well-Being®


Today, most health and wellness experts agree that a whole-person approach to well-being is best. Yet, there is still an unbalanced amount of focus on select aspects of health such as nutrition and fitness, as if they are the only ones of importance. 

To help people understand why a whole-person approach is necessary, we find it helpful to boil it down to the level of the individual. Imagine, for instance, a woman, aged 42, who eats a balanced, healthy diet and works out 5 days a week, 30-45 minutes per day. With this limited information, you would naturally surmise that this woman is a healthy person. But what if we told you that this same woman also feels stuck in a job she dreads going to every day; that she’s racked up huge credit card debt because she shops to distract herself from her misery; and that her relationship with her husband is terribly strained. Would you still surmise that she is healthy or well?

When viewed through the lens of the individual, it becomes obvious that a holistic approach to well-being is the only viable option. If this imaginary woman existed, in all likelihood her sleep would be off, her immune system would be compromised, her cortisol levels would be elevated, and she would likely become depressed and/or anxious. There is a ripple effect that occurs when one or more aspects of our lives are thrown out of balance because everything is connected – it is all part of us. This is the basis of the whole-person health approach.

At Envision2bWell, we call it 360° Well-Being® because it helps people immediately understand what whole-person health means, and we’ve identified 10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being®


10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being®

Eating pillar iconEating 

You are what you eat. If you nourish your body with nutrient dense foods, you are giving it daily doses of preventive medicine.  

Fitness pillar iconFitness 

Your body is designed to move. It needs  to move. Regular exercise keeps your body (and mind) nimble and young.

Finance pillar iconFinance

Your finances are inextricably linked to your feelings of safety and security. Because of this, financial stress will permeate almost every aspect of your life.

Health pillar iconHealth

Knowing the health of your body and taking a proactive approach to preventive care is vital to your overall well-being and survival.

Humanity pillar iconHumanity

Nobody lives on an island by themselves. We are intimately connected, our lives intertwined. There are issues we face together, and what hurts one will eventually hurt us all. 

kindness pillar iconKindness

A world without kindness is a world that is unbearable. Being kind towards yourself and others has a dramatic effect on your overall well-being.

Mental Health pillar iconMental Health

Mental health is about proactively taking care of your mental/emotional well-being with self-compassion and self-care, as well as seeking help when you need it.

Relationships pillar iconRelationships

We are hard-wired for connection. Healthy relationships are vital to your well-being, and unhealthy relationships can be very detrimental to your health. This includes your relationship with yourself.

Spirituality pillar iconSpirituality

Spirituality looks and feels different for everyone. The power of this pillar is less about the form spirituality takes in your life, and more about whether you practice it regularly.

Work Pillar iconWork

Most of us spend a great deal of time at work, whether it be school, full-time caregiving/parenting, or a regular nine-to-five. No matter the form, maintaining a healthy work life is paramount to your overall well-being.


Envision2bWell’s digital health and wellness solution, EnvisionWell, is rooted in these 10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being® and designed to empower whole-person health and wellness. Reach out today to learn more about our workplace wellness platform and how you can help your employees Be 360° Well® with EnvisionWell!






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