EnvisionWell Podcast: Healthy Work Habits


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EnvisionWell Podcast: Healthy Work Habits

EnvisionWell Podcast: Healthy Work Habits

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Episode 23: Healthy Work Habits

In this episode of the EnvisionWell with Envision2bWell podcast, we are joined by Blaise Collins, PhD, ACSM-EP-C, who offers great practical tips for staying healthy at work. Unless we are proactive in counteracting the detrimental effects of work on our bodies - such as sitting too much throughout the day - it can create serious health problems down the road for us. Every work environment is different, but Blaise offers advice for those who sit often in their jobs, as well as those who have demanding physical work. 

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Blaise Collins, PhD, ACSM-EP-C 

After studying exercise physiology in college and growing an exercise physiology venture for teaching others about proper exercise and nutrition, Blaise discovered a passion for unraveling the mysteries surrounding inflammation and microbiology. After completing a post-doc in regenerative medicine (and inventing the first-of-its-kind swine model tourniquet), Blaise did a short stint teaching Anatomy & Physiology to nursing students. Once the SARS-CoV-2 virus locked down in-person careers, he got creative and completed six months as a Medical Science Liaison intern. His love of microbiology, developing and giving presentations, writing, and science communication led to a natural fit as a medical writer. 

Blaise is approaching the end of his first year as a Medical Writer, working in tumor types including glioblastoma and non-small cell lung cancer, performing landscape analyses and literature reviews, and always succeeding at getting others on the team (and clients) to laugh.  

Blaise’s interests outside of oncology and hematology include learning/implementing/teaching new knowledge about additive printing (3D printing), guitar, writing short communications about exercise physiology and nutrition, trying to grow hotter habaneros every year, and spending time with his family. When weather permits, he also enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach, and any excuse to be outside. 




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