EnvisionWell Podcast: The Anti-Diet Approach


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EnvisionWell Podcast: The Anti-Diet Approach

EnvisionWell Podcast: The Anti-Diet Approach

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Episode 24: The Anti-Diet Approach

In this episode of the EnvisionWell podcast, we are joined by Lori Zabka, Certified Nutrition Coach, Fitness Trainer, and hater of diets. Actually, don't we ALL hate diets? We're miserable on them, they're full of can'ts and shouldn'ts, and they never work! So, in 2022, let's skip the dieting and start making changes that will last, one step at a time. 

This episode of EnvisionWell is chock full of great information to help you do just that! Listen in and get your 2022 wellness journey started off right!

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Lori ZabkaHi! I’m Lori Zabka. I am a Certified Nutrition Coach, Fitness Trainer, wife, momma, laundry ninja, master meatball maker, kid Uber-driver, nature-lover, and wanna-be-homesteader with a passion for helping other busy women achieve their desired health and fitness goals. 

My passion for wellness was born from my own health crisis. Growing up on a steady diet of sugar, sugar, and more sugar resulted in a diagnosis of borderline Type 2 Diabetes. I was in my twenties, and well on the path to one of the top 4 killers of our time. Through my extensive work with a functional medicine doctor, I learned how to reverse my condition and radically change my health. 

Entering adulthood, my first foray into the working world was as a recording and touring artist. 

While traveling from city to city and performing on stages night after night might seem glamorous, living life on the road was extremely difficult.  

Finding ways to stay healthy, fit, and committed to my new lifestyle was a challenge. Long before Siri or iPhones, I had to search out health food stores using a phone book….that’s right: a phone book (remember those?!) Trial by fire, ladies. But it was during this continual quest for quick and easy ways to stay healthy while spending the majority of my time on a tour bus with 6 dudes and 12 boxes of pizza, that my ultimate passion for nutrition and fitness was born.  

As the music industry chapter of my life came to a close, my quest for a healthier lifestyle did not. After getting certified in both fitness and nutrition, I knew I wanted to help women realize it’s never too late to THRIVE in the midst of life’s busyness, barriers, and obstacles!  

I understand most women simply don’t have hours to spend at the gym, or in the kitchen, which makes the pursuit towards wellness seem impossible. The good news is it’s NOT impossible. And so, for the past 15 years I’ve found great joy in coaching busy women: creating habits, shaping bodies, and changing lives. 


Lori Zabka is a doubly Certified Nutrition Coach, a Women's Fitness Specialist, and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is the creator of her wellness brand, "Life by Lori Z," as well as her online coaching program, "Build U."  Find out more at https://www.lorizabka.com. 






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