Envision WELLth in 2022


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Envision WELLth in 2022

Envision WELLth in 2022


The following is a story we all know well. We’ve seen it in a movie, witnessed it with a loved one, or experienced it in our own lives. It goes something like this:

A person is going along, living their life like normal when, all of a sudden, they are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and it changes everything. What was important before, no longer is. What was neglected before, becomes what they refuse to live without. The diagnosis wakes them up to the truth of life and they resolve to live it differently.

This experience happened to all of us in 2020. Together, we faced a scary, life-threatening disease that, in the blink of an eye, changed us all. What we value has changed. How we see the world has changed. And how we want to live our lives has changed.

COVID-19 woke us up to the truth about life and now is the time to resolve to live it differently.


What is WELLth?

definition of WELLthThis is our definition of WELLth:


A body that is well.

A mind that is healthy.

A soul that is nurtured.

Relationships that are strong.

Finances that are secure.

Work that is fulfilling.

At one with the world.

Surrounded by kindness.


If you look at each piece of the definition separately, you realize that they coincide with our 10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being®. That's because WELLth is the goal of 360° Well-Being®. Here are our 10 pillars, in the order you encounter them in our definition of WELLth:

Eating / Fitness / Health / Mental Health / Spirituality / Relationships / Finance / Work / Humanity / Kindness.


Create WELLth in 2022

COVID-19 rocked our world but we faced it together, as a community – imperfectly and at odds with each other at times, but still together.

In 2022 (and every year after for that matter), let’s create WELLth together, in our own lives and in our communities. We’ll do it imperfectly, yes. We’ll be at odds with each other at times, yes. But if we do it together, with courage and commitment, who knows?

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll create a world together that is so much better than it was before.



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