Mindful Minute with EnvisionWell


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Mindful Minute with EnvisionWell

Mindful Minute with EnvisionWell


This Mental Health Awareness Month, EnvisionWell is launching a new meditation series, Mindful Minute.

"We decided to launch this series because the truth is, we all need a little break sometimes – to quiet our minds and just breathe," says CEO and Founder of EnvisionWell, Tammy Williams. "Too often we deny ourselves this much needed break, telling ourselves we don't have the time. Well, we can all find a minute somewhere, even the busiest of us!"

Enter the Mindful Minute series, because just one minute of focused, deep breathing can do wonders for your mental health! Each Mindful Minute video has sixty seconds worth of calming meditation music set to beautiful nature scenery. The soft, soothing music helps induce feelings of calm and peace, while the images of nature have been shown to produce positive emotions such as awe, gratitude, wonder, reverence.

(Note: Please close your eyes during this meditation if that's what you prefer, or watch the images without the music. It's all about what works for you!)

To access our Mindful Minute series, head to our YouTube channel, our Vimeo channel, or download the EnvisionWell app

Below is a sample of one of EnvisionWell's Mindful Minute meditations:





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