EnvisionWell Podcast: From Diagnosis to Survivorship


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EnvisionWell Podcast: From Diagnosis to Survivorship

EnvisionWell Podcast: From Diagnosis to Survivorship

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Episode 31: From Diagnosis to Survivorship

In this episode of the EnvisionWell podcast, we are joined by cancer survivor, advocate, author, and talk show host, Amb. Grace B. Charrier. Grace shares her story, from diagnosis to survivorship, and offers amazing insight and inspiration. From the eye-opening truth that her breast cancer was a stage 3 at diagnosis with no symptoms present, to the call to address the mental health of cancer patients and survivors, to the sage advice of embracing digital health – Grace is a mountain of wisdom born of her own survivorship, along with her many conversations with, and advocacy for, fellow cancer survivors and patients. 

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Amb. Grace B. CharrierGrace B. Charrier

Patient Leader| Cancer Activist |Mental Health Advocate |Talk Show Host

Grace Charrier is West African and resides in Brooklyn, New York. She identifies as a global citizen as she does not believe in borders, boxes, confinements, or in labels.

Grace became a mental health advocate in 2013. During this time, she was extremely active and fully immersed in high-impact advocacy with Member States at the United Nations where she and her team worked tirelessly with the former Sec-Gen United Nations Ban Ki Moon and the now Deputy Sec-General, Dr. Amina Mohammed, to ensure that Mental Health and Wellbeing was inserted as a key target of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG), when the United Nations was transitioning from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their arduous work eventually paid off.

Mental Health and Wellbeing was successfully adopted by majority of the Member States and Grace and her team continue to pat themselves on their backs for this monumental achievement.

Grace became a cancer and patient leader advocate by circumstance after a traumatizing Stage 3 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2016. She never set out to become a global patient leader, she was consistently speaking her truth and sharing important content about her experience with breast cancer and vital information about other cancers because as she always harps, “all cancers matter.” Now considered an “expert by experience” she presents on global stages alongside well-respected leaders and rockstars in the healthcare space.

As a global patient leader, Grace engages in quite several initiatives and projects. Suffice it to say, she has her hands full in cancer awareness, health leadership and advocacy, cancer policy, and serves on the panels of national and international organizations. The opportunity to share her story and to raise awareness about the power of the patient voice, health equity, and social determinants of health through her social media platforms also allows her to be a source of inspiration and a valuable resource for those going through any tough diagnosis such as cancer, any other chronic illness, or overwhelming challenge.

Grace Charrier sits on Patient Advisory Boards and her affiliations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
  • Merck
  • Blue Note Therapeutics
  • WEGO Health (now Health Union)
  • Fight Cancer Global
  • Rare Patient Voice


  • International Women’s Day Ambassador 2020 (EYS Magazine, Australia)
  • Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All 2020 (Women Economic Forum, India)
  • Legislative Ambassador American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network 2019 (USA)
  • Global Goodwill Ambassador 2018 (United States)
  • UN Ambassador for Peace 2011 (Universal Peace Federation)

Grace also hosts an engaging talk show: Cancer Convos with Grace B. where she invites experts and stake holders in the cancer and overarching healthcare space to share their evidence-backed insights on cancer and health-related topics. She speaks passionately to anyone who will listen since cancer awareness and health literacy and communication are her strengths. Whatever she can do to be effective and to inspire humanity she is all in. Her traumatizing breast cancer experience is her WHY.

Grace’s love for water is known enough and she always craves any opportunity to sit “on the dock of the bay.” Music is her special love too, as it helped her overcome “the days in the abyss.” She says she can live without the television for as long as possible, but music? She does not think she could survive. She loves jazz, afrobeat, funk, and instrumental music, and enjoys cooking up a storm while trying out new recipes with her daughter. Her love for books? That is another story. Ever since childhood it has always been books, and very few toys. So, for Grace, it is books, music, and food. In that order.

Still on books, Grace is an author who wrote and published her “un-put-downable” memoir “IMPOSSICANT!” at the peak of the pandemic and launched it on her birthday last year. Since then, it has received impressive recommendations and 5-star reviews. She shares her upbeat and fast-paced story about her breast cancer journey with so much faith, humor, and gratitude.

Grace donates to the American Cancer Society and to St Jude’s Research Hospital for childhood cancers and supports various health initiatives on the continent of her birth (Africa). In addition, she is a mentor to caregivers looking after their loved ones diagnosed with cancer, having been a caregiver herself years before. Emotions are high during this time.

The positive feedback she continues to receive is also her WHY.

An enthusiastic advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), especially SDG 3 which is Good Health and Wellbeing, Grace is a great asset to any endeavor, organization, or initiative and excels in providing added value while working for the common good because as she says in her soundbite, “no sick person can prosper." 

Watch Grace's talk show, Cancer Convos with Grace B. here.

Connect with Grace on LinkedIn here





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