EnvisionWell Podcast: Your Relationship with Food


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EnvisionWell Podcast: Your Relationship with Food

EnvisionWell Podcast: Your Relationship with Food

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Episode 32: Your Relationship with Food

In this episode of the EnvisionWell podcast we are joined by Jill Cruz, board certified nutrition specialist and CEO/Founder of Work With Your Nature Weight Loss, a nutrition company. Jill offers numerous nuggets of wisdom, education, and inspiration that help heal our relationship with food (and our bodies) so that we are empowered to sustainably healthier eating and living. Learn about body wisdom, fight/flight vs. rest/digest, the three S's that create a healthier relationship with food, and more!

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Jill is the CEO and Founder of Work with Your Nature Weight Loss. She and her team help women over 40 that are fed up with yo-yo dieting to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy, and joyous way. She has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Big Leap Coach. She is on a mission to guide women to achieve their wildest dreams for their health while loving the food they eat and the life they live. 





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