Sit Less, Move More!


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Sit Less, Move More!

Sit Less, Move More


Sitting down on the job is bad for your health.

It’s time to stand up for yourself. No, really. Stand up! Scientists warn that prolonged sitting – even for those who exercise regularly – could be really bad for your health. After four hours of sitting, the genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body can start to shut down. Not only does this add weight to your body, it puts you at risk for a heart attack, obesity, and diabetes.


Stand for a Cause - YOU!

Standing engages muscles and promotes the distribution of lipase. This enzyme prompts the body to process fat and cholesterol. It also uses blood glucose and may discourage the development of diabetes. You can also burn up to an extra 60 calories an hour just by standing.


Rise to the occasion.

You can start by walking to a bathroom that is farther away or delivering a message to your co-worker in person rather than using email.


Ways to Increase Movement Throughout the Day

Do This

Stand up during TV commercials.

Turn on the radio instead of the TV.

Go grocery shopping.

Do household chores.

During phone calls, stand up.

Limit TV/computer time to 2 hours a day.

Take mini stretch breaks at work.

Walk during lunch breaks.

Walk after dinner.


Even Better, Do This

Stretch, do pushups, or fold laundry.

Dance to the music.

Park far, far away from entrances and walk.

Do leg lifts or march in place.

Shoot hoops or play soccer with your kids.

Walk up and down a flight of stairs.

Walk with a buddy.

Take the dog with you.


Action Step

If you sit at your job all day long, set an alarm on your cellphone (on low) to remind yourself to stand up at least every two hours for a few minutes at a time. Stretch, bend, or take a short walk.



Source: AIPM




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