Pumpkin Chili for Fall Fun


Posted By: Carol M. Pate, Ed.D.

Pumpkin Chili for Fall Fun

Chili, southwestern style, was one of my favorite foods as a child when the cold set in.  Yes,, even in Tucson, AZ, we did have cold weather.   It was also  great because there were 10 of us and everything could be placed into one very large pot.  There was nothing fancy about it, the cheapest hamburger we could find, large cans of pinto beans and tomatoes and chili seasoning.  Sometimes onions! Moving to Philadelphia,  I invited my new neighbors over for a winter chili party, and have had one almost every year since!   Neighbors love it!  I combine ingredients and let them cook for at least eight (8)  hours!   Unfortunately, not this year with the pandemic.  Hopefully we will have a vaccine by next fall or winter and I can begin the tradition anew.  

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