Leadership Styles Affect Employee Wellness


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Leadership Styles Affect Employee Wellness



Did you know that how employees feel about the leadership style of their company impacts business performance? According to a 2018 study, managing employees with pressure tactics resulted in more than a 90% increase in the predicted turnover of employees, while using more inspirational tactics was related to roughly a 68% decrease in likely turnover. And research shows that employees of toxic bosses engage in more counterproductive work behaviors as a form of retaliation against their colleagues and leaders.


This is even more evident during COVID-19.  Leading your employees so that they stay connected to you and your  business, especially when they are working remotely, is crucial to your future. 

Executive coach Nihar Chhaya cites five ways to ensure that for those that you lead, either for short-term projects or direct performance reporting, don't experience any unnecessary trepidaton around you: 

Assume they are afraid of you, and then reflect and observe. 

Ask open-ended questions about team culture.

Check whether you are projecting your fears onto others. 

Shift your ratio of connection and correction.

Show vulnerability.

These five strategies can help you make sure your behavior doesn’t cross the line between pushing employees hard and pushing them away. 

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If you are a small business owner, you also have leadership responsibilities to keep you, your employees and customers safe during this time.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has an informatin-filled website to help you lead through this in order to thrive.  Read Here!




If you are one of many who find yourself having to work at home while taking care of your children, leadership for you may be in finding ways to take good care of YOU while you are taking on the world.  Dr. Ina Khazan writes in Psychology Today  and offers several recommendations that provide real solutions.  While you're at it - one solution is to fire your inner  critic.  Leading YOU now is most important, do what matters, what counts and what supports you.  


Share how leadership at work, no matter if you are working for a large company, are a small business owner or leading you working from home  is supporting you now.  

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