Removing the Barriers to Employee Wellness

Removing the Barriers to Employee Wellness

Since the pandemic, there has been a push for companies to adopt wellness programs for their employees. With employee engagement and well-being on the down-turn, this makes sense. Employee wellness programs strengthen morale, boost engagement, lower health care costs, and increase employee well-being. Unfortunately, most of them come with a high price tag, and not just in dollars and cents, but in time and manpower as well.

This high price tag is a barrier to a company’s ability and willingness to adopting an employee wellness program. We know this from experience. Before we restructured our own employee wellness solution, we heard a lot of potential clients say no – not because they didn’t like our solution, but because they just couldn’t afford it. They didn’t have the time or the money to invest in the program. It was out of reach.

This was a hard pill to swallow. We could tell that each potential customer we spoke to genuinely wanted to offer their employees a wellness program that could help them. They weren’t saying no because they didn’t care. They were saying no because it wasn’t possible to say yes.

Employee Wellness Programs Leave out the Little Guy

The group that is hurt the most in this equation is small businesses, and the people they employ. In 2021, 61.2 million people in the U.S. were employed by small businesses, which is roughly 47% of all employees. Of those 61.2 million employees, around two-thirds work in businesses with 99 or fewer employees. That means that roughly one-third of all employees in America have almost no chance of benefiting from an employee wellness program.

At EnvisionWell, we are on a mission to empower, enable, and inspire health and well-being for humankind. We believe everyone deserves an equal shot at a healthy, joyful life – a life full of WELLth. We want to bridge the gaps to 360° well-being® and keep people from falling through the cracks.

When we realized how many people we were leaving out because of the way we had structured our employee wellness solution, we changed it. We removed the barriers to employee well-being and created a solution that even the smallest of small businesses can afford. What’s more, we were able to do it without sacrificing the quality of our wellness program. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Low monthly rate based on number of employees
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Get started in as little as 10 business days
  • No software to learn or training needed
  • Easy to implement, easy to manage
  • Monthly analytics and insight
  • Comprehensive, whole-person, mobile wellness program


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