To Our Community: We Are Here For You

To Our Community: We Are Here For You

We want to express our deepest sympathies to the families, friends, and loved ones of the victims in Uvalde and Buffalo, and to offer our support to all communities and schools who are traumatized by gun violence.

The sad fact is that just about every school and community in America is affected by gun violence. There are far more mass shootings in America than we realize because not all of them make national news. According to this recent reportfrom the Washington Post, there were 12 mass shootings that occurred just this past Memorial Day weekend alone. In 2021, there were 693 mass shootings in America.

Mass shootings are not the only type of gun violence that people, communities, and schools experience. Suicides accounted for more than half of all gun deaths in 2020, gun murders for 43% of all gun deaths. In 2021, 20,726 people were shot dead by a gun, and this number does not include suicides. Of these gun murders, only a small fraction occurred in mass shootings. And one of the most horrific statistics of all is that guns are the leading cause of death for children in the United States.

Even for those who live in a community that does not see a lot of gun violence, their children, teachers, and school staff still undergo regular lockdown drills where they practice hiding in closets and under desks in the event a shooter enters the building. The bathroom stalls contain instructions on what to do if you happen to get stuck there during an active shooting. Our students read these instructions almost every day.

We are all experiencing a level of trauma when it comes to gun violence. Mothers and fathers across America who live nowhere near Uvalde, cried and held their children extra tight during the past week, gripped with the fear that their child could be next. Teachers and school staff were reminded that their lives are in danger, fearful that at any moment, without warning, their school could be the next Uvalde. Black men and women across America felt the fear of racially motivated gun violence when they witnessed the massacre in Buffalo.

“Our hearts go out to the communities of Uvalde and Buffalo, and all those who have experienced the trauma and heartbreak of gun violence. While we are not equipped to solve the problem of gun violence in our country, we can offer our help,” says Tammy Williams, CEO and Founder of EnvisionWell. “At EnvisionWell, we are committed to making an impact, to helping the people and communities we serve. Living in a safe environment, as well as feeling safe, plays a significant role in our well-being. We want to remind our community that we are here for them.”

QR code for this website pageEnvisionWell partners with communities and schools to help serve their members’ health and well-being. Every school is different and every community is different, which is why we develop the partnership based on their needs, instead of a cookie cutter solution. A B Corp certified, social impact company, we are committed to helping people be healthy and well, supporting their efforts in all areas of wellness.

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